MLM Lead Conversion – How to Convert Leads

Many network marketers don't realize the importance of MLM lead conversion. There are plenty of us out there that can generate the leads but fail completely at converting them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling product or sponsoring someone into your team, it is vital to be able to generate a cash flow from your leads.

Otherwise you are going to become very depressed and frustrated for not being rewarded with the hard work you have put into setting up your lead generating system.

Now, there are two main ways that you have probably generated a lead and that is either online through a website of some kind or from cold calling potential prospects.

I am going to run through online lead generation and point out the major reasons why network marketers struggle with their MLM lead conversions. I will also suggest the common areas that need improvement that will get the quickest visible results.

MLM Lead Conversion - What am I Missing?

If you are using a website that is generating leads through some kind of opt in form such as a newsletter or free download then you need to make sure that you have a good series of emails set up with your auto responder (an automatic email sender). These need to be sent to anyone who agrees to opt in with what you are offering.

The most common mistake which results in a lack of MLM lead conversions is a poor quality of content in the series of emails being sent to your prospect.

You must remember that a human being has opted in for your free product because they want to find out more information on what you are offering. They also can’t wait to hear from you and see what else you have to offer too!

How Can I Convert My Online Leads?

To start improving the number of MLM lead conversions you need to ensure that the content you have in your auto responder series provides very useful information which at the same time is going to lead your prospect to a call to action, or in other words a situation which is going to generate a sale.

You need to be confident that the product you are trying to market in your series of emails is a solution to a problem your prospects has.

By the time you present your product, your prospect should be in a state where they want you to show them where they can purchase it from.

That’s it. This is the main concept people miss when trying to convert their leads. They don’t have a specific call to action that will generate a sale. Too many network marketers forget to actually ask for the sale and instead keep sending out emails that only provides useful content.

Your series of steps should be something along these lines:

  1. Attract a lead by getting them to opt in for a free product
  2. Provide useful information in a series of emails using an auto responder
  3. Maintain your position as a leader and teacher in the emails
  4. Deliver calls to action throughout your emails
  5. Offer solutions
  6. Ask for the sale

This is the main process you need to follow and it should all occur over a series of about 6-8 emails over a period of up to a month depending on the product you are selling and the amount of pre-selling required.

What Else Can I do to Convert My Leads?

If you are looking at converting MLM leads into down line for your network marketing venture then using an auto responder probably isn’t the best method for doing this.

However, you can have your auto responder sort and filter your prospects that are at different prequalified levels. That way you can focus on the more serious ones.

Face-to-face selling is always the best option, but because you may have a lead that is on the other side of the country or world for that matter, using the phone is the next best thing for MLM lead conversion.

It is natural to feel uncomfortable about calling people whose details you have only collected from the result of them expressing an interest by opting in for a free report or newsletter.

Remember, people who have given up their personal information are expecting to hear from you, so don’t be intimidated by that phone.

There is also an added benefit of calling your prospects and that is adding a human element to your marketing method. People love to talk to people and it makes them feel delighted hearing from the author of a newsletter or e-book they have downloaded.

When you talk to your prospects over the phone it is important to position yourself as the expert and at the same time build a good relationship.

What is the MLM Lead Conversion Phone Structure?

The following is the process I recommend using when contacting your prospects for the first time. It is a guide to your success. Feel free to make your own changes once you get comfortable and effective at converting your leads – you may even come up with some great ideas of your own!

  1. Introduce yourself and thank the prospect for downloading your free e-book or the action they carried out that gave you their contact details
  2. Ask the prospect if it is an ideal time to talk with them for the next few minutes
  3. Ask them what their goals and challenges are – You should have some idea according to the material or item they got from your website
  4. Prequalify the prospect further by finding our more about them –This will allow you to suggest more material that they may be interested in
  5. During the phone call, make sure you listen more than you talk
  6. Offer valuable information, products or resources that will help solve their problem, clear up any questions or objections they have
  7. Define a specific and clear call to action – You may tell the prospect that you will be sending a short report or mini-guide of some kind to their email inbox and they are to read it prior to the next call
  8. Follow up

This is the main structure which you need to follow to become successful at converting MLM leads that you have generated online.

Now, the above steps shouldn’t be done all in one phone call either. This process should be done over at least two phone calls.

The main goal of your first phone call with the prospect is to determine what their needs, challenges and aims are. You should also try to build a good relationship, prequalify them even further and finally decide whether you can help them or not.

The second phone call should consist of you presenting ways that could solve their problems. These solutions don’t just have to be getting the prospect to join your business, but also buying MLM products, buying your information products or anything else that may be useful.

The most important objective of the second phone call is that you must ask your prospect if they are ready to purchase.

Keep on addressing any questions, offer more solutions and continue to build a rapport. After the second phone call you can follow up with more phone calls or even emails on a regular basis.

That’s basically it. If you follow this structure you will succeed. It’s a lot simpler than what most people think but the smallest and most important point is usually missed and that’s asking for the sale. Without sales you will not have a cash flow.

So get to it, start working on your detailed structure now and start converting those leads into sales!

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