MLM Sales – A Vital Key to MLM Success

Lesson 2

Having effective MLM sales skills is an important factor when it comes to MLM success.

Until now you have most probably been taught ineffective methods to sell your company’s products and the business opportunity attached to it.

From here on out YOU are going to start practicing good sales.

Good MLM sales is all about putting the customer first. This also includes putting the customer first in the marketing which you use to aid your sales.

To help cement this in your mind, I'm going to put you in the customers shoes.

For example, you want to buy a new laptop computer. So you go to the nearest electronics store to see what they have. You tell the sales person there that you are after a laptop computer because you want to start a home based business.

A sales person with bad sales skills would take you to their display of computers and tell you that you should buy this one because its got this much RAM, has a fast processor, a 17” screen, 6 hour battery life, a powerful graphics card etc. etc. etc.

This person only cares about the product, they are only after the sale, not your best interests. Now, this isn’t putting the customer first isn't it?

A common mistake made by people in sales is that too much focus is put on the product and far too little is placed on the customer.

If you do this in your network marketing business, your MLM sales are really going to suffer, big time.

Some people just don’t get it, the louder they shout how good their product is, the more they think you are going to buy it. You WILL lose a great deal of business if get into this habit.

As the customer, you don’t give two hoots about all of that technical jargon. All you need is a computer that just does the job.

A lot of people are put off and overwhelmed by this method of sales and instead they go to someone who are more customer friendly and focused.

So How Should I Apply Good MLM Sales?

What the sales person failed to do was to put the customer first. The correct approach would be along these lines.

As a sales person, you would ask specifically what the customer wants, in detail.

Find out as much as you can from them, show interest in them, ask what tasks they might be needing to do with their home business.

Are they going to be printing? Scanning documents too perhaps? Great! You have just showed more interest in them and at the same time the customer is happy because they didn’t think of those tasks.

Hey, you have just made additional sales to that of the laptop, all because you have a good sales method.

By taking the approach of focusing on what the customer actually needs and not yourself or how great your products are, you will straight away stand out from everyone else.

So from now on, that’s what I want you to do. Show interest in the customer, listen carefully, gain their trust and build a relationship.

Once you have done this you will be able to present them with useful information on products they may be interested in, which leads to effective MLM sales in your network marketing business.

What’s that? How do YOU get customers so can actually apply this method? I will cover this in later lessons, but you can still apply it by advertising yourself in the workplace, around friends and other family members.

What’s a good way to do that? Well, when you go to work, try taking one of your favorite products with you, this may be a bottle of vitamins or energy supplements.

Now, when you are in the staff room while you are having lunch, just casually pull out your product and place it on the table. You are bound to have a curious somebody ask you what you have there.

If it’s a nutritional product, explain to them that it’s a product that you use which helps maintains your health and let them know how great it makes you feel.

From here you can show interest in them by asking if they take any supplements themselves or thought about doing it.

They might even ask what other products you have rights to distribute. But don't spout out the money making opportunities at this stage as they will feel a sales pitch coming on.

Instead, wait until the time is right and that's when they actually ask about the money making side of things.

By the end of the conversation, you may well find yourself with a customer for future product orders or even someone to follow up who you might sponsor into your team!

Just remember to focus on them, give them the feeling that you are trying to help them, not help yourself.

How Else Can I Help My MLM Sales?

As discussed earlier, people usually buy something because they have a need. There’s almost always a reason behind the intention of a customer wanting to purchase something.

To further help your MLM sales, there is another thing you should understand.

That is, people buy with emotions and justify with logic. We all do it. Just think back to some recent purchases you have made. It might of been a new shirt, jacket or dress.

You might indeed say you bought it because you need it for work, but what you selected as your final choice makes you look good right? It makes you feel good about yourself doesn’t it?

You see, emotions play an important role in a person’s decision on buying something.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage when you are explaining a product to a potential customer or prospect.

Let’s go back to you sitting in the lunch room. The colleague across from you was starting to ask a few questions about how your product can benefit them.

The key is to answer their questions by addressing their emotions at the same time.

You might say something like “after taking this product for a month, you will notice an increase in your energy levels, it will make you feel brilliant and help get you through the working day with energy to spare for when you get home to your family”.

You see, this touches on their feelings and how they would benefit from the product. It would be a logical step to start using such a supplement, especially if it’s going to allow them to feel more fresh when they arrive home.

So the next chance you have to explain your products or opportunity with a prospect, keep in the back of your mind what I have taught you today.

My New MLM Sales Skills

What did you exactly learn today? I will quickly remind you what we have covered as there is a fair bit to remember.

  • Put the customer first - Always put the emphasis on the customer, not you or your products.

  • Ask questions and listen - Find out as much as you can about your customer. You want to know what their needs are so you can provide a solution for them.

  • Let people ask you about your products - Wait for people to ask what you have your hands on. Gain trust build relationships then provide information on products they will benefit from.

  • Address emotions and logic - When in conversation with a prospect look for emotions that you can touch on and justify with logical benefits.

If you apply these methods correctly you will find that people will respond to you in a totally differently manner to that of traditional sales methods.

You will begin to see your MLM sales increase along with MLM success starting to creep in.

If you want to learn more in depth knowledge on how to improve your sales volume, visit my friend Jim's website, he has a vast amount of information on sales tips!

For now, if you want, go out there an practice this new approach, but if you think you are ready for more training, let's proceed to lesson three.

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