Your MLM Lead List – A Vital Asset Needed to Build Your Business

To be truly successful in the network marketing industry it is imperative to have a MLM lead list which has an everlasting flow of prospects going on it.

So what exactly does an MLM prospect list consist of? I will quickly go over this so it’s crystal clear in your mind. This list contains the names and contact details of people who have shown an interest in what you have to offer.

There are two main types of prospects that can go on your MLM lead list and here they are…

MLM Lead Type # 1 - Product Seekers
and Consumers

This category of prospect is usually in search of a particular product which has to satisfy a current need or problem they have. Generally they want to find out more about the product(s) you market and crave high value, credible information which may in fact present a solution to their need.

Most of the time this prospect is only interested in the product that you have to offer as opposed to duplicating your business, but at the end of the day you need to be turning over a volume of goods to be qualifying for those compensation incentives right? So this is still a valuable prospect to have on your MLM lead list!

However, sometimes you will come across a customer who naturally asks (without you pressing your opportunity on them) about the business you are running and if he or she can get into what you are doing. This is when it is appropriate for you to introduce your Network Marketing opportunity.

Now, on to the next type of prospect…

MLM Lead Type #2 – Opportunity Seekers

These kinds of prospects have an exciting ring to them and are people who you definitely want to assist and consult with if they are seriously looking for a business opportunity.

The level of background can vary a lot with opportunity seekers. They could easily range from stay at home mums, young entrepreneurs, experienced Network Marketers (including those who may have not done so well in the past) and people who are stuck in the rat race and just want a solution to reach financial freedom.

Opportunity seekers are very valuable prospects to have on your MLM lead list. If you coach and mentor them effectively, provide useful information on sales and marketing, then your team and business will stand a pretty good chance at growing into a large, successful organization.

But Do I Really Need to Have
an MLM Lead List?

Absolutely! Otherwise you are going to find it very difficult to make good, consistent progress in this industry. You do want to reach those incentive and compensation levels don’t you? Of coarse you do!

If you have been trying to build your business for some time now, then you can probably understand the importance of having fresh Network Marketing leads.

Your MLM business simply won’t grow if you can’t contact people who are or have the potential to be interested in a business opportunity.

There are plenty of regular people out there looking for solutions that will allow them to give up their day job. What you have to offer might just be what they are looking for, so why shouldn’t you have your slice of the prospect pie?

How Do I Build My List?

So how do you find people who are actually interested in Network Marketing? Good question! There are actually many ways to do this and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Most people in this industry are only interested in working local network marketing leads and that's OK.

Regardless of your agenda, before you start building your MLM lead list, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration as these will determine your approach and how well you actually do.

For example, you might want to apply older traditional techniques such as cold calling to build your list of MLM phone leads. A lot of people don’t have very much success with this method, but it is used widely by Network Marketers.

However, there are a handful of effective tips and tools such as an MLM script you can use if you want to try cold calling as a starting point to get you off the ground and those first leads onto your MLM lead list.

Perhaps you are someone who has already tried this and can’t stand to make another cold call. Well, you might want to try implementing an effective lead capture system which does all the hard work for you and delivers high quality prospects at your fingertips.

Once I have MLM Leads What
Do I Do With Them?

You will be surprised how often this dilemma occurs with Network Marketers. Believe it or not, there are plenty people in MLM who get more than enough prospects which are also highly qualified and have no idea what to do with them!

Imagine that! An endless flow of prospects but you can’t sponsor any into your team to save yourself!

As you do start obtaining prospects, you need to gain some knowledge on MLM lead conversion so you can convert those leads.

From here you will have a basis on how to deal with them which will allow you to start building your team.

Before you know it you will have a good momentum going which will only increase as you become more experienced and at the same time this will be fun!

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