Your MLM Recruiting Training Corner

Hello, you have entered your very own MLM recruiting training guide.

Here you will find more than enough tips, advice and help to jump start your stalling business by using better methods and approaches.

I will guide you out of that rut you are currently in and get you to the point where you will know HOW to sponsor fresh, hot MLM leads into your network marketing team.

As you probably suspect by now, a lot of network marketers don’t have much success. In fact, a whopping 97% fail in this industry. Do you know why that is?

Here are some common reasons:

  • Poor marketing skills and knowledge
  • Lack of commitment
  • Not taking their home business seriously
  • Limited funds
  • Get rich quick seekers
  • No encouragement from family
  • Too much rejection

The main reason is the poor quality and lack of MLM recruiting training people in this industry receive. When I say training, I mean proper training on how to sell products in the marketplace.

As a newbie when you first sign up, you are most likely to be taught the methods that everyone else are using. These old school approaches are clearly ineffective, otherwise there will be more than a 3% success rate!

Are You Using Ineffective Methods?

Before we get into the MLM recruiting training, you have to take a quick look at common ineffective prospecting methods, taught by the majority of today’s up-line, because it is the truth on MLM. I strongly recommend being aware of them, because it’s not the best path to follow if you want to build your team at a solid pace.

By now you should know some common methods that don’t work very well in this business.

Don’t get me wrong, they do work, but not to the expectation that you would like, not to mention all the rejection that’s associated with them too.

Now that I have given you a recap on how most network marketers build their business, let’s go over your learning program to better network marketing practice.

Your MLM Recruiting Training Guide Outline

OK, this is what you have been waiting for. Here is a breakdown of the ins and outs of what I will be covering. By the end of this MLM recruiting training guide, you will be itching to try these new methods out. Together, we will get them to work.

It’s time you received useful network marketing tips, advice and help.

Lesson 1 MLM Marketing Plan - How well you do as a network marketer heavily depends on how many products you and your team sell. To sell as many products as possible it’s absolutely important to understand the basics of Sales and Marketing. Here, I will cover what you need to know so you have a good mind set for the rest of this MLM training program.

Lesson 2 Why MLM Sales Can Be So Difficult - Network Marketers experience a lot of rejection. At the end of the day we are bringing ourselves to do this by pressing our opportunity on the wrong people. Here you will learn why people actually buy products and how to use this new knowledge to build your business more effectively.

Lesson 3 Qualified MLM Lead - Yes, these types of prospects do in fact exist. The difference between cold and warm leads is very, very dramatic. I will briefly explain the mechanics behind prospects who are attracted to opportunities / products.

Lesson 4 Attracting Prospects Part I (Prequalified MLM Lead) - This is where you really start to learn how to attract prospects to your business. This first part covers the aspect of providing solutions to your customers.

Lesson 5 Attracting Prospects Part II (Network Marketing Tip) - You will learn what guru’s of network marketing do to build their huge down-line.

Lesson 6 The MLM Lead System You Need to Do This - I know that sounds daunting, but please don’t be alarmed. I will go through what a marketing system is and what it can be. It’s really that not difficult.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

I do understand that there is quite a lot to take in. The direction I have pointed you and your business to take is definitely the best to succeed in for Network Marketing.

Yes, it may seem overwhelming for you right now, but I’m here to help guide you.

I hope that you have found the information from this mini guide to be valuable for the future growth of your business.

Please keep a look out for new content that I am adding and suggested resources. You never know, it might just be what you are looking for.

Again, feel free to send me an email if you need help or clarification.

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