MLM Marketing Plan Basics

Lesson 1

Having a MLM marketing plan is essential for the success of your network marketing business.

Traditional training in this industry entails very poor effectiveness to promoting the opportunity and products when it comes to putting together some form of MLM marketing plan.

Throughout this section you will learn the basics and importance of MLM marketing when it comes to network marketing success. You will also find that you have most likely never been taught the slightest of good sales and marketing from your up-line, unless you have really asked for it.

Once you grasp the basic concepts you will immediately be ahead of many fellow network marketers when it comes to applying your MLM marketing plan to grow your business.

Right, lets get into it.

What is Sales Exactly?

The definition of sales to the average person is ‘when something is sold for money’.This is true, but a more correct statement would be ‘ When a transaction of a good or service takes place in exchange for something of value’.

When you think about the word sales, it probably sends a shiver down your spine. The first image that pops into mind is a rude car salesman trying to get the close on that car nobody wants.

But in fact, sales is simply the skill of convincing someone to do something. It doesn’t have to do with the exchange of money. It can be a person convincing their employer to give them a raise.

Perhaps a couple are going out for dinner and the wife convinces her husband that they should eat Mexican as oppose to that Italian restaurant he had on his mind.

Not many people think of it this way as they always have that image of the crafty car salesman in their head.

At the end of the day, sales is when you convince somebody to go down a different path to that of what they had planned. You have sold them on YOUR idea about something.

Whether that something is a different product, restaurant, or holiday destination it doesn’t matter. It all results in the same thing and that is changing a person’s mind and having them agree with your idea.

Now that I have the definition of sales clear in your mind I am going to walk you through ‘Good’ sales and ‘Bad’ sales.

Yes, there are different kinds. What are they you ask? Well I’m glad you said that, because it’s very important that you know the difference. This will affect the way you structure your MLM marketing plan.

First, you need to know what bad sales is, so let's press forward onto the next section with this MLM marketing plan training lesson.

A Poor MLM Marketing Plan Leads to Bad Sales

Bad sales. That sounds like somebody who really stinks at selling product doesn’t it? In a way this is true but there’s a bit more to it than that.

To make this easy and quickly to understand I’m going to run through an example of what bad sales is.

Picture yourself in a mall or large shopping center that you have visited recently. Now, you are walking around with perhaps one or two things on your mind in which you want to check out. Maybe the newest gadget or book.

Anyway, you are walking toward your shop of interest. Between you and the entrance is a booth. This booth is selling bottles of cologne and perfume for the upcoming Valentine ’s Day.

However, you have already purchased your spouse their favorite fragrance.

But, when you are within striking range a sales rep charges toward you offering samples of their products. You politely say “No, I’m fine thank you”. But somehow you still find yourself talking to that sales rep.

Why? Because they are being so pushy on changing your mind, you suddenly feel as though you are backed into a corner and there’s no escape.

All you want to do is continue to that store, but at the same time you don’t want to be rude. You keep on listening to what they are saying, praying that they lock onto another bystander.

Then, eventually you give in. You buy the cheapest item they have just to get them off you back and so you can get out of there.

At the same time, the sales rep is probably feeling pretty good about themselves – they have just made another sale!

But do you know what? You weren’t actually convinced in buying that product. You only did it to get the person out of your hair so you don’t feel bad.

After this episode you just want to kick yourself, you never wanted that product, you were basically bullied into buying it!

When it’s not the buyers sole decision on purchasing something, and deep down they aren’t happy with their choice, bad sales is being practiced.

I personally can’t take this kind of sales approach. It’s almost as though you are mugging a customer. This method will also involve a huge number of rejections. This is what probably makes these types of sales reps so aggressive.

To make things clearer, when you are trying to sell people on something, don’t shove idea’s/persuasive moves down their throats because they aren’t going to like it.

Why would you want to set yourself up for a fight you are never going to win. Sales is a huge part of being in the Network Marketing industry, this is your business, you want to be enjoyable and this kind of sales certainly isn't fun.

Instead, you need to practice good sales, which brings me to the next section of the MLM marketing plan training lesson.

MLM Marketing – Good Sales (The Very Basics)

This is an introduction to good sales, absorb the essential basics here, then move onto lesson two for a more in depth discussion

As you noticed in the example above, and probably on TV, sales reps heavily rely on their sales skills to try and desperately persuade people to make a purchase.

Sales reps hardly ever use any marketing to aid their sales. What is marketing you ask? Marketing is the process involved in promoting and selling a product or service.

The purpose of marketing is to bring you prospects. Then, you use your sales process to make the close and get the sale.

Your new aim as a network marketer is to get people to buy from you, not go out there and hunt people down for a sale.

Confused? This means you want people coming to YOU, asking about your product, wanting to buy from you.

This is what good sales is. Not you chasing them around the bizarres trying to get the sale yourself.

How do you do that you ask? Well this is what I will be covering in later lessons. But in the meantime I want you to take away what good marketing and good sales are in their simplest form.

Good sales is when you aren’t badgering the prospect, it’s when you get someone to make a purchase and they have decided to do so on their own.

Good marketing is simply addressing peoples needs.

One last thing to take away, without good marketing, you can’t have good sales, treat them as an inseparable item.

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