Using an Effective MLM Script

Using an effective MLM script will greatly increase the rate of your network marketing business growth when cold calling and working leads.

You will find that almost anyone who performs some kind of marketing over the phone is reading from a phone script. They may not be reading it exactly word for word, but there will be some specific structure being followed.

So Why Should You Use a MLM Script?

Well, imagine yourself trying to present a product to somebody. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using a power point slide show, with great slides that have the most important information on them which will promote your product in an interesting way, targeting the needs of your client.

During your presentation you will also be following at least a rehearsed general outline of key points that you want to get across on why your client should purchase the product. At the same time your slides will coincide with what you are saying in order to make your presentation even more effective.

Now,if you were to try and promote the same product with an entire set of slides which are in no particular order and you haven’t put any thought into how you are going to go about presenting the product, how well do you think you are going to succeed?

You aren’t! You are going to make a complete fool of yourself!

It is so much harder trying to promote and market something if you don’t know what important points you are going to cover.

When you are doing this on the phone it is even more difficult because you lose the benefit of visual aids and also other various things such as being able to read the expression on your clients face, which means you won’t be able to react as efficiently and effectively as you could.

The main point I am trying to get across here is that all salespersons and marketers need a plan of attack before they try and make a sale. In your case, a MLM script would be the best choice of weaponry.

What Should My MLM Script Consist of?

Firstly, before we get into this, we want to remember that the ultimate goal of a cold call is to get an appointment with your prospect so you can further discuss your opportunity with them.

Always keep this aim in the back of your mind when on the phone because it is crucial to stay on track.

The structure of your script is important and if you get this right you will experience a great increase in the number of successful cold calls. There are three main components of a call and these are; the opener, the body and the close.

An effective opener will let the prospect know that you are in control of the phone call and that you are setting the pace.

A neatly tailored body gets you to engage with the prospect on a level which is relevant to your goal and that is to make an appointment with your prospect, where you can then explain in depth, what you can provide for your prospect's needs and wants.

The close is the most important because it will end in one of three possible ways. You will either make an appointment with the prospect, agree on a time to call them back, or find out that they are not a good fit as a prospect.

How Do I Decide What to Put in My MLM Script?

When you start to build your script think of what kind of questions or sentences you could use as an ice breaker. At the same time ensure your opener starts to move toward your goal.

Brainstorm what further sentences or questions you could use to get the conversation to progress closer to the goal. How can you spark the prospects interest and desire to learn more? How about having a think of what your ideal prospects’ needs and wants are and touch on the solutions you can provide – Try this as a starting point.

Now, once you have a few ideas to develop, create a pattern that will enable you to direct the call to your most desired response, which is to get that appointment. For example, the phone call may go like this;

You: Make a statement then follow with a question.

Prospect: Makes a statement and asks a question.

You: Make a statement then follow with a question.

Prospect: Makes a statement and asks a question.

This is the general pattern of what your script should have, right up to the point where you ask for the close. The person who asks the majority of the questions is usually the one in control, so keep control of the phone call from start to finish.

To help you start creating your network marketing phone script, follow this very condensed structure and expand on the points below to suite your target prospect;

  1. In your opening line use the prospects name in a question to get their attention.
  2. Identify who you are.
  3. Let your prospect know what the purpose of your call is.
  4. Make a statement that will have some kind of benefit in it that your prospect will react positively to which will want them to find out more – This leads the phone call to scheduling an appointment.
  5. Finally, make the close by taking the call towards setting up an appointment for a further consultation.

This is the basic structure that you should follow. It is simple and effective. As you get more experienced you will know what to expect and have an idea of how to taper the conversation into a successful call.

Before you know it you will be making more than enough appointments to grow your MLM business using this traditional technique.

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