MLM Signups and Network Marketing Prospects

Getting MLM signups and network marketing prospects is a vital aspect in growing your business. This is how you duplicate your efforts and earn the potential income to be made in MLM.

Most people in this industry find it very difficult to successfully sponsor prospects into their MLM downline.

There are many factors that affect how successful you are at sponsoring people. It might be poor people skills or just pure laziness.

But the main factor that stops people from getting a good flow of MLM signups is the lack of direction and training they get from their upline.

More than often enough, you will find that new network marketers will be taught ineffective methods that don’t just get them zero results, but also a tremendous amount of rejection too.

Ultimately this rejection leads to doubt and a lack of faith in this business, which will then be used as ammunition against network marketing when the time comes for those people to quit.

It is a fairly predictable outcome because if you aren’t duplicating yourself according to the tidy business plan that was shown to you before signing up, then you are simply going to give up aren’t you?

It is a known fact that 70% of Network Marketers only last three months before moving onto something else.

The upline of the those people who are failing need to help prevent this very high attrition rate and start focusing on their team so that they themselves get a decent number of prospects joining up.

Because if they actually see that the system works, they will be more inclined to stay a much longer time and maybe just stick it out to the point where they are financially free, this makes sense doesn’t it?

What is so Important About MLM Signups?

The business model of network marketing is heavily based on the power of duplication. A classic example of duplication is how the family restaurant, McDonald's started and what it is today.

After the McDonald brothers established the restaurant in the 1950s, where it consisted of a couple of franchises at the time, they sold the business rights to the Kroc family for $2.7 million.

As a part of that agreement, the brothers were also to receive 1% in royalties on gross sales. However, the royalty portion was not clear in the contract after a disagreement, so the two brothers weren’t entitled to any future profits.

Today, there are more than 30,000 McDonalds restaurants worldwide, generating over $22 billion USD each year. This is an extreme case of duplication isn’t it?

Now, if the two McDonald's brothers maintained their original agreement of receiving 0.5% of the annual gross sales each, then their heirs would be getting approximately $100 million per day!

The same principle of duplication applies to network marketers.

This is why it is so important to be successful at getting those MLM signups. But the sad thing is, is that in reality not many people are very good at it and have much luck.

These days you need to be very effective at sales and marketing to be able to achieve in this business.

You can no longer approach your friends or family and just expect them to join your team.

If you are someone who wants to actually build their network marketing business by getting a good stream of MLM signups and duplicate yourself, then you really need to up skill yourself on effective MLM recruiting methods

That link will take you to the MLM training area of this website where I explain how to improve your business by getting your own network marketing prospects, so make use of what’s there and enjoy yourself!

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