Your Best Network Marketing Tip

Lesson 5

I want to reinforce one of the best network marketing tips you can be given.

So far you have learned a lot about how to effectively prospect people for your opportunity and make sales on your MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) / network marketing products.

What you are about to be told is going to make a lot sense with what you have picked up over the previous lessons.

It’s not going to sound so daunting since your knowledge and understanding of how to do better Network Marketing is at a much higher level than what it was in the earlier lessons.

Here is a very valuable network marketing tip…

Market Information on Your Products or Opportunity

One thing the network marketing superstars that you see at those meetings, conferences and functions ‘forgot’ to tell you was a concept called educational marketing.

This is what I went into on lesson four, but it may not have been so clear to you.

This network marketing tip is the key to attracting prospects.

I want you to think back to when you had a leader or mentor to go to. It might had been somebody as simply as a school teacher or an expert in a club you have been part of.

Now, why did you actually respect that person? What made you give them your full attention each time they spoke?

Well, you listened to every single word they said because they were very, very knowledgeable in their specific field.

This is the point I’m getting at. By being very knowledgeable in a certain area or topic, you can give advice and therefore information that people are searching for.

This effectively places you as a leader because you know what you are doing and talking about.

Now, if you had a lot of knowledge in one area that you have a passion for, it might be cooking, health care, sewing, skin care, engineering or even something like gardening, there is always going to be an audience out there who are seeking information on such topics.

Of coarse it would be even nicer to have a relevant product to recommend after you have educated people on their problems and questions.

I must remind you that you shouldn’t blatantly pitch people on what you are educating them on. Wait until they ask if you have something that will provide them a solution, or until you are certain the time is right.

Why This is Such a Great Network Marketing Tip

This overall approach kills more than one bird with a stone so to speak. In fact, it basically takes out a whole entire flock!

Reason #1 You aren’t pitching like you were doing using traditional network marketing techniques. Instead you are educating people which means no or next to zero sales resistance.

Reason #2 You are attracting prospects and these are actual, decent, high quality prospects. Not like the ones you get from cold calling.

Reason #3 The return on investment is far greater than any time and effort you put into chasing uninterested people around. Overall, your effectiveness is hugely increased.

Reason #4 You are viewed as a professional in your selected niche, this gives you great recognition and credibility throughout your target audience and customer base.

Reason #5 Most importantly, you will be making sales and actual income! Which is what you wanted in the first place.

Now, that’s some network marketing tip isn’t it?

This is how the top performers in the MLM industry do it. They educate people on certain things, provide very high quality information and in turn this creates a natural magnetic affect, drawing endless prospects to them and their products.

Don’t you wish someone in your up line told you that simple, but very important network marketing tip? It kind of feels like you have been missing out doesn’t it?

Well I’m sorry you have been missing out, but I’m glad you know this MLM secret now :).

Feel free to ask me any questions on what has been covered here, I will be happy to help and show you the way.

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