How do I Get Prequalified MLM Leads?

Lesson 4

It's finally your turn to find out how to get prequalified MLM leads.

Up until now I have pointed out common ineffective prospecting practices taught and used by many network marketers today. By now you should have hopefully stopped using these methods to build your business.

Then I went through what ‘good’ sales is and why it is so effective.

In lesson two I went into depth with you on what kind of direct sales approach gets results which led onto our previous lesson of what a qualified MLM lead is and just how valuable they are to us.

What are Prequalified MLM Leads Looking For?

Now that you are fully up to speed, it’s time to discuss how to attract people to what we are selling. As a network marketer we sell a range of products including our business opportunity.

Let me ask you a question, why do people buy goods and services anyway? Got any ideas why?

OK, say that you just woke up. You head into the kitchen and you start to prepare breakfast. You discover that you have no bread left for toast and your milk is expired so cereal is out of the question too.

So what do you do, you head down to the store because you need these items.

Everyone has a need for something. Whether it’s basic groceries, clothing or technology they want these things because they have a need for them.

People buy solutions to solve their problems.

Why do you think the software giant Apple is so successful? Because they come up with new innovative ways to solve people’s problems by addressing their needs.

People need music in our day and age, they need entertainment at the hip. The iPod is a brilliant solution for this, not to mention the other range of Apple products available in the marketplace.

At the end of the day, people buy a product because it meets a need that they have.

As a network marketer this is a key concept you must understand. Because from here, you can apply this concept to get your very first prequalified MLM leads, which will soon become a flow of warm and hot leads.

Notice I didn’t mention cold leads? Because when you are attracting prospects like this, there is no such thing as a cold lead!

So, what would your ideal prequalified MLM leads be looking for?

What are YOUR Prequalified MLM Leads Looking For in a Product?

There are two main answers to this question.

If you want to focus on promoting and selling your company’s products, you need to decide on which specific range to focus on.

Depending on where your interests, knowledge and passion lies, you may be an expert area’s such as:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Jewelry
  • Home Care Products
  • Cosmetics

What I am trying to say here is that your prospects will be people who will have needs in these categories.

You will be the expert who they approach to get advice on how to solve their problems.

This could range from people who are seeking high quality vitamins, energy supplements, sensitive skin powders and moisturizers, affordable quality jewelry and high end air purifiers for asthma sufferers.

Hey and what do you know, your product(s) may even be the solution to their problem and you might have just established a long term customer!

To wrap things up here, I want to reinforce that you have to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert. Once you start doing this, prequalified MLM leads will come to you.

Then, when the time is right, present your solution to the customer/prospect, which in this case, will be your product(s).

What are YOUR Prequalified MLM Leads Looking For in an Opportunity?

Now for the second answer to our question.

If your main focus is to build your network marketing team, then you want to aim to attract people who are actually looking for a business opportunity or ways to create extra income.

What are the wants of this customer base?

Well, a lot of people want financial freedom. They don’t want to be working their day job for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps an individual has just been made redundant and is looking for another means of income because they need to provide for their family and cover the mortgage payments.

Maybe a stay at home mum wants to contribute to the household income and decides to start looking for home based business opportunities that doesn’t tear her away from her children too much.

When it comes to marketing your opportunity, don’t just throw it at people.

You need to explain why and how it can be a solution to their financial needs just like you would explain a how a health product can benefit someone.

But this still isn’t enough to sell your business opportunity, there is more that you can do and that is…

Increasing Your Visible Value

To further attract prequalified MLM leads it's important to appear valuable through the eyes of your prospects.

Before I get into this further, I will just finish talking about promoting and selling company products.

If you plan on specializing on selling a nutritional product for example, you need to do the research on your target market, whether it’s athletes, middle aged people or pensioners it doesn’t really matter.

But make sure you have an audience that you want to go after, then become an expert in your selected field.

Provide information that will educate your customers, gain their trust and build your credibility. I will go into more depth in the next lesson, but for now, just keep that in the back of your head.

OK, if you are looking at building your Network Marketing business / team you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

To successfully attract prequalified MLM prospects you have to be unique and appear to have great value from their point of view.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, there is a flood of home based business opportunities out there, all screaming “Pick me! Pick me!”. Why would an opportunity seeker want to go with you?

Well for a start, you need to avoid the hype that most people and companies use, which means toning down on the claims.

These days people are completely overwhelmed by the very thought of starting a business.

They don’t just want to know about the exciting compensation plan, but want someone to show them HOW to actually build a Network Marketing business.

What can you offer the prospect that can be of great value to them?

Here are some ideas, how about offering your knowledge, experience and skills on sales and marketing? You have learned a fair bit of that from here haven’t you? :)

What you really need to teach new prospects to do is HOW to actually market their products and opportunity - effectively.

Because at the end of the day, marketing brings you sales and in turn brings you income.

Until now I have taught you some effective sales techniques, but the marketing factor is still missing.

This very important concept will be covered afterwards.

For now, take on board this one last thing you can do to add value to yourself and that is by adding a human factor to your sales and marketing.

This is a huge thing. You don’t want to sound like one of those companies who are just after the sale and money.

You need to reassure prospects that you are looking out for their bests interests, which for them is to succeed in this new venture.

Ensure you guide them to the path of benefits they are after, take them under your wing.

Try getting to know your prospects a little too, that never hurts anybody. Adding this human interaction will create wonders for your business relationships.

That pretty much covers what I have to say about the fundamentals on attracting a prequalified MLM lead to your business.

So on to the next lesson we go. It is rather short but backs up what I have said here.

I feel that it is important for you to absorb as much as possible so I will see you in Lesson five.

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