Truth on MLM – Ineffective Prospecting Methods

Have you too been using ineffective prospecting methods? Well here is the truth on MLM and network marketing. Most MLMers are taught the same old methods and get very poor results.

You will rarely come across a fellow network marketer who gets outstanding results by using the same standard approaches that are taught by your up line .

As a network marketer, your primary goal is to get to that stage where your monthly cheques are large enough to replace the income from your day job. Ideally you want enough cash left over to allow for those toys and holidays. Effectively, this gives you the title ‘Financially Free’.

You do want to be financially free don’t you? Yes it would be very nice. You won’t have to get up early to get ready for work, you won’t have to worry about paying for the upcoming bills and more importantly you have as much time with your family as you want.

However, to get there you have to build your network marketingbusiness. But how can you when you are not trained properly or taught the right methods which get great results? How can you if you don't know the truth on MLM?

Truth on MLM - Sales and Marketing

More than 95% of people who get involved in network marketinghave no effective sales techniques or good business practices. This is mainly because the average person’s day job has nothing to do with sales or marketing.

The majority of people who join this industry are people who want to get out of the rat race. But they are unarmed to do so without any proper training on sales and marketing.

The overall result is that there is a huge number of peoplegoing about trying very, very desperately to sponsor others. Most of the time the sponsors have only a little more sales skills than their new recruits.

Eventually, people resort to hype and wild promises just so they can recruit more people on their team and to get the numbers. This type of approach isn’t sales at all, this is actually giving people false information and hope.

Yes, this is a truth on MLM, people lie to get you signed up. Fortunately not many people stoop to this level.

Overall, this leads to people giving the network marketing industry a very bad reputation, making it even harder to sell your opportunity to potential prospects.

OK,lets wrap things up in this section. If you are using an approach that sounds like along the lines of those above, you need to change what you are doing and start focusing on becoming more effective at sales and marketing.

To start learning the techniques that will improve these skills, return to the MLM recruiting training section of this site. However, I do recommend reading onso that you are fully aware of common unproductive salesmethods and more truth on MLM.

Truth on MLM – Tell Everyone About Your Opportunity!

As a newbie, you do get quite excited after seeing the business plan. You think “OK, all I have to do is sponsor enough people so that my team will grow to the point where I will be earning the maximum compensation”.

I’m sure you did the quick calculations too! It sounds easy enough when you see it all presented in a diagram format.

The first people that come to mind who may be able to help build your business are your friends and family.

So, your up-line suggests to approach these people, but you soon realize not many are at all interested. In fact, they get rather annoyed by your attempts in trying to recruit them.

I’ll be honest with you, I do recommend approaching your family and friends, but only the individuals who would actually be keen in a business opportunity, otherwise just leave everyone else alone until they ask you what you have your hot little hands on.

This is when you can present the business plan and take them to a workshop/seminar.

At this point you have run out of people. The next thing you are taught is to mention your opportunity to all of your acquaintances.

You will soon discover that this isn’t going to get you anywhere, because it’s very unlikely these people are looking for an opportunity too!

Yes, you might strike it lucky with a couple of people, but that’s nowhere enough to get you to your goal. You are better off keeping your friends then to harass them at all.

The point I’m trying to say here is that, not everyone is going to be interested in your business opportunity - because they aren’t looking for one!

Sorry to raise my voice but you need to understand that. You have to be selective with who you approach. If you know somebody who is a real estate investor, a small business owner then go ahead, be my guest.

These people are in the right frame of mind, they are already looking for solutions to build wealth, so show them one. You never know, they might see the potential this business actually has too.

Truth on MLM – Look Out For These Methods

I just have a few more prospecting methods to let you know about.Up-lines are more than likely to resort to these when you start running out of people in your inner circle.

I have known people in this business to go to stores in shopping malls and make out they are buying some merchandise.

Then when the shop assistance starts to get talking with them, they bring up the question of “Would you like to explore other ways of making money through a business opportunity?”.

Most of the time the targeted prospect isn’t going to have any idea of what they talking about, some will even become offended.

It takes certain characteristics to be able to just go out there an press opportunities on people like that and I’m confident not many of us want to be in this position.

I wouldn’t want to, imagine the amount of rejection there would be, how many people you are going to offend. This is definitelynot going to make you feel very good about yourself.

It will take a lot of time and energy to pull in a good number of prospects doing business this way. If you think you have these resources then go ahead, but the average newbie in this business simply doesn’t have the courage and time to do it.

Before you know it you will be more burnt out than ever, going down one dead end after another.

A similar way to do this is a method called cold calling. What this means is that you call people who are not expecting your call.

Next, you present your opportunity to them – over the phone, then arrange a meeting to discuss things further and if all goes well, take them to a workshop/seminar. Oh, and by the way, it's still not guaranteed to get a sign up.

Sounds like a long process doesn’t it? This can be a viable option if you have run out of people to prospect. But think of the amount of time you need to put in just to come across someone who wants to find out more about what you are offering.

In addition to this you are going to face massive amounts of rejection - enough rejection to drop your motivation and morale faster than a rock.

Eventually people just give up in this business. They are just tired of all the rejection and lack of progress made with the amount of effort they have invested and that's when they discover the truth on MLM. Of coarse by then it's too late.

To avoid going down this track you need a marketing system that will do this kind of work for you, then you only have to deal with warm leads as opposed to cold leads – which is a hundred times easier and more enjoyable!

That's enough about the truth on MLM, it's time to try new, effective methods, lets head back to the MLM recruiting training corner.

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