What Are Unilevel Compensation Plans?

Unilevel compensation plans can be viewed as a good or bad pay plan depending on how you look at it.

If you are someone who would for example only want to sponsor a few people and let the business take off, then a compensation plan like the Binary pay plan would be more suited to you.

But as I outlined in that section your income can be very, very limited as your success greatly depends on others to do well under you, and the chances of that happening can be pretty slim!

This kind of pay plan has no limitations on the structure of your team. This means you can sponsor as many distributors as you like into your immediate front line.

In addition to this, there is no limit to the depth of what your team can reach.

Also, if distributors on your team decide not to build a business and instead become consumers of the product only, this doesn’t restrict your earning capacity as your team can be as wide and deep as you like.

This is the thing I like about this compensation plan – it lets you take control of how much effort you want to put in and therefore how soon you can reach the highest rebate levels.

When I say rebate levels, I mean that most Network Marketing companies will require you to have a certain volume of products to be consumed in your team, and the percentage of your rebate will depend on how much product has been sold.

But because there aren’t any limitations on the size of your organization, it makes things a lot more achievable when it comes to reaching that top rebate level.

Overall, the Unilevel compensation plan is my favorite out of the bunch.

This is because it gives you the opportunity to out perform other distributors who have been in the company years longer than you.

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