What Are Breakaway Compensation Plans?

Breakaway compensation plans are quite different to the other types of pay plans out there.

This kind of compensation plan is also one of the oldest types too.

Sometimes they are mixed with other plans like the Unilevel compensation plan which becomes a very effective combination.

The main difference behind this plan is that once your team members in your down line reach a certain leadership level (which is decided by the Network Marketing company) they breakaway into their own organization.

This may sound as though you won’t be receiving anymore monthly bonuses from that organizations efforts, but in fact, most companies actually recognize this occurrence and pay you a more stable, greater and fixed income instead.

These are sometimes known as leadership bonuses, and represent a remuneration reward for developing a business/organization which is predicted to progress even further into the foreseeable future independently, but can obviously still consult with their up-line for advice and help.

In addition to establishing these organizations underneath you in your immediate down line, there will usually be incentives for you to further encourage more organizations to breakaway.

Again this is followed by more and larger leadership bonuses as you acquire more independent distributors in your front line.

This ultimately provides a very steady and reliable income for you, which is what a true business should be able to do and this is what you want to aim for.

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