MLM Prospects in Your Downline

The number of MLM prospects in your downline is important because it determines your income and the long term stability of your business.

The main purpose of doing so is to ensure stable growth of your network marketing business and also to maximize your income from the network marketing compensation plan.

Before we get into any more detail about the type of structure that I will be briefly talking about, you should be aware that there can be limitations on the way your organization can be arranged.

Some network marketing compensation plans restrict how many MLM prospects you are allowed to have in your immediate MLM downline and also how much depth or how many levels deep you can grow your organization to.

Check out these network marketing compensation plans to see the common types out there in the MLM industry.

The pay plan that I will be relating to is the unilevel compensation plan. The great thing about this is that you aren’t restricted in any way at all in building your business. This means that you can as wide and as deep as you like, with no limitations at all.

How many MLM Prospects Should be in My Immediate Downline?

When you first start out in network marketing, you may be told that you only need to sponsor a few MLM prospects into your immediate downline and then your business will rapidly take off.

This is hardly the case, more than often you will find that many people who you sponsor will mainly be self consumers of the products and will have no interest whatsoever to build a network marketing business of their own.

This means that you can’t simply rely on a handful of people to continue expanding your organization, in order for you to reach those top rebate levels.

You need to continue to build your business by increasing the size of your frontline. In other words you need to go as wide as possible, there is no set target to aim for.

The advantage of following this strategy creates long term stability for your network marketing business.

So, if you had for example 300 hundred MLM prospects in your immediate downline and a dozen decide it’s not for them after a few months, then your income stream won’t be affected to the extent where your business will feel any significant impact.

I know 300 people sounds like a lot, it may take at least eight to ten years to reach something like this, but this would be more of a result of hard, dedicated work employing old traditional methods.

Using effective MLM recruiting methods and techniques can easily build your frontline to this magnitude in a much, much shorter time frame.

However, no matter how wide you go, you still need to remember that you are the direct upline for those people. You need to show them leadership and also help them build their very own downline by sponsoring MLM prospects.

Which brings me to my next point.

How Much Depth Should My Downline Have?

As you begin to establish your frontline, you will also see the depth of your team slowly grow. As I said earlier this won’t happen with everyone.

This means you need to find out who actually wants to build a business. This way you can focus on giving those individuals more training and advice so they can add their own depth and follow in your footsteps.

Similarly with width, you also want to go as deep as possible as well. Again this reinforces the foundation of your business so that you have a stable stream of income. With some companies like mine, there are added incentives.

For example, once your MLM prospects in your immediate downline builds their business to a predetermined size, you will be eligible for leadership bonuses.

This means you instead receive set monthly payments from your company for developing a business under you that is predicted to continue to grow.

In addition to this there may also be extra lump cash payments payable to you for your performance throughout the year.

What’s the Best Way to Structure MLM Prospects in My Downline?

That’s a good question. I recommend building your business so that you can reach your company’s top rebate level as soon as possible. This may mean focusing on going wider before going deeper.

This might sound like you are neglecting your frontline, but you need to figure out just who really wants to build their business too.

It may take a month or two for some of your team members to approach you and feel that they are ready to start sponsoring MLM prospects of their own.

Just because you are focusing on expanding your width doesn’t justify you to completely ignore your team either.

You need to ensure that you meet their needs by giving them the knowledge and advice to propel them to that point where they are sponsoring prospects themselves.

You want to make sure that everyone you sponsor isn’t going down a road to nowhere. There is a high attrition rate with network marketers because they don’t see the progress they expected.

To help reduce this problem in your own team you need to try your best at making certain your downline is capable of sponsoring MLM prospects and actually become successful at it too.

Once you feel that you are at a point where you have done enough width, which may be when you have reached the top rebate level, it would be a good time to play more of a role as a mentor and a leader to your team.

This may include having more contact time with them and not just face to face meetings either, emailing is a very effective and efficient method to keep in touch.

Hopefully you have a better insight into the importance of the size and structure of your MLM downline and it’s not just a matter of 'sponsor and forget'.

It’s in you and your teams’ best interests that you stay in touch which will allow you to see the big picture.

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