Finding Local Network Marketing Leads for Your Business

Finding local network marketing leads for your business can be very difficult in this industry, especially if you are new to it and haven’t been educated properly.

When first starting out, it is fairly common to feel a little confused, even overwhelmed on how and when you can start to get your very own local network marketing leads.

You have probably been told to first introduce your family and close friends to your new business opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with doing this, but the second you begin to irritate them about your business venture - either by trying to get them to sign up or becoming consumers of your company’s products and they clearly don’t, then you need to stop what you are doing straight away.

Why? Because they aren’t interested in what you are presenting to them and actually want nothing to do with it. So please step back if you find yourself doing this.

You are only going to encounter more resistance each time, wait until they start asking you questions about what you are doing and in the meantime focus on finding local network marketing leads.

How Can I Get Local Network Marketing Leads?

This is one of the most asked questions once network marketers realize that they really need to be looking beyond their friends and family in order to grow their MLM down line.

Well I have some great news for you. There are a variety of ways and methods which you can use to start attracting your own leads who may be interested in your business opportunity or just the product itself that your company offers.

Before I start providing you with some helpful methods to get you underway, I want you to remember that you can offer both an opportunity AND products.

Why is this so important? Because not everyone is looking for a business opportunity!

As a network marketer you are probably more eager to start building your down line and team. The concept of duplication is actually quite powerful and very rewarding, but don’t let this blind you on how you should build your business.

It is also important to realize that there are plenty of consumers out there in society who are on the lookout for a new product that might just be the answer to their problems or needs.

Who knows, the product that you have access to could just in fact address a specific nutritional need and be the solution to their problem.

Can you see what I am trying to highlight here?

Don’t just look for opportunity seekers, but potential consumers of the special products your company offers too. This provides a much larger market place and keeps you away from that trap many new Network Marketers fall into.

What trap am I talking about? Well, you have probably been close to it too, I know I have. Many newcomers put 100% of their efforts into tracking down potential prospects that could be a part of their down line only and totally forget about trying to sell the company’s product to people.

So, the short answer to the question “How do I get local network marketing Leads?” is to stop worrying about your friends and family and to realize that there are two types of prospects – opportunity seekers and consumers.

Now let’s brush over some of the methods you can use to start attracting local MLM leads.

What Methods Can I Use to Find Local Network Marketing Leads?

There are several methods you can employ to start acquiring some MLM leads. Depending on your level of technical expertise and knowledge, you will have to decide which approach is best for you.

Basic Level: If you are quite new to MLM, then the best way for you to start getting local network marketing leads would be to begin doing some targeted cold calling to get MLM phone leads.

This method is fairly common among network marketers, but there are a lot that do it ineffectively and get next to zero results.

In short, cold calling involves phoning people who may be potential prospects to your business.

To increase your success rate, you wouldn’t just phone random people, you would try calling people who may already have an interest in what you have to offer.

For example, a great starting point would be to phone nutritionists or health enthusiasts and let them know what products you have access to, including the business opportunity attached to it.

They may easily see the potential in what you are presenting, especially if they have a pre-existing customer base.

Intermediate Level: Once you start to gain more knowledge in this industry you can expand your horizons by using cold calling along with effective MLM scripts which will make your calls more productive.

I also recommend using MLM scripts at the basic level because it is important to start off on the best track right away.

In addition to conducting your cold calls you can also advertise your opportunity in the local newspaper.

This is a good way to test the local market in your area. However, you mustn’t place an ad that blends in with every other advertisement screaming for attention and making huge claims.

Instead of making outrageous promises, try marketing the ad as though you can offer a solution to somebody looking for a home business.

You will be surprised by the number of people waiting for an opportunity like yours to come along. Ensure to provide enough information that will generate some interest and wait for the leads to start rolling in.

Remember to be as effective as possible at all times.

What I mean is that you need to aim your lead generating campaigns at prospects that may be looking or interested in what you have to offer already.

Advanced Level: Now, this is what you want to ultimately strive for. By far the best lead generating method is using the internet. This truly has endless opportunities.

Creating a website or blog on the internet which provides a lead generation system will accelerate your business to a level that you have never dreamed of.

This medium won’t just create local network marketing leads, but MLM leads from all around the globe.

Before you embark on using this type of method to attract leads it is ideal to have a good understanding on the MLM industry as well as a good MLM marketing plan.

So what’s the next best step from here? I suggest you take a look at the MLM recruiting training area of this site if you really want to start employing the advanced method of attracting leads.

It walks you through the basics and builds you up to a level of great understanding through a series of lessons. So take your time and enjoy your mini learning guide to success!

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